Let’s Get Serious

I decided to get a little more serious with this blogging business and buy my own domain. There was a lot of cursing and hand wringing mostly because all of the names I wanted were taken, but I finally found one that lets me grow and post things other than just travel.

The new site is The Organized Journey and it is up and running. It will be about my attempts and being organized in everyday life, travel, and planning for the future…as well as my not so successful attempts. Let’s be real. No one’s perfect.

I’m excited to take this next step and I hope that you’ll start this new journey with me.



Coming Soon

Thank you for stopping by to visit The Organized Traveler.  We are excited to give you some great tips and trip planning advice from our experience traveling the world.  Image

Please follow us if you’d like to know when the site has it’s official launch.